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About the Life Journey Centre

Background and Aims


Filial piety (孝) is the prime virtual in Asian societies.  In action, it means being respectful and caring for seniors in the family.  Every child learns the concept at school, but learning the word and its meaning does not guarantee that they will act on it.  Due to the rise of the nuclear family in modern cities, the generation gap has widened, particularly in Hong Kong since the 1980s, as more and more children are being taken care of by domestic helpers while the parents go to work.   Will there be sufficient communications between the young and the old in the family?

At present, 16% of Hong Kong’s total population is senior citizens.  In 10 years’ time, 1 in 5 of Hong Kong’s population will be aged 65 and above.  They can make Hong Kong a happy city or a less happy city.  It all depends on how we treat our seniors and how they treat themselves.  The desirable outcome of the Jockey Club Life Journey Centre (LJC) is to inspire and enrich participants’ understanding of life journey in order to bring a perception change of the negative stereotypes for “old”, and to arrive at a positive, supportive attitude for our seniors.  This is fundamental in bringing dignified and quality lifestyle for seniors when they feel respected and welcomed by the people of all ages, at home and in the community. 


To promote cross generation relationship and build a harmonious society.


To redefine ageing.  Promote positive perspective towards the elderly.  To stimulate public reflection on the relationship between ‘young’ and ‘old’, and take action to care for the elderly. 


Everyone will grow old.  The elderly just started on life’s journey earlier than the young.  The young will also become old.  Ageing is one of the stages in life.  As we grow older, we go through more and accumulate richer life experience and wisdom.  We believe that if the community can reduce the negative labelling of elderly and look at ageing from a positive perspective, cross generation relationship can be improved and social harmony can be enhanced.

About the Life Journey Centre

LJC is the first of its kind in Asia that adopts a creative approach to engage the young generations to learn and understand ageing from a new perspective. Riding on the principles of social innovation, experiential learning and interaction design, LJC creates an impactful 60-minute experience for participants to re-think what is meant by “young” and “old”, when all of us are going through the same journey of life. Life educators with social work background or retired educators, youth mentors etc. will conduct debriefing sessions after the journey. We hope participants will treasure time and people around us, and have a new perspective on ageing.

4 Zones

Zone 1 “Are you ready for the Journey”
Zone 1 “Are you ready for the Journey”

Participants will start the journey from birth and be asked to choose their life style.

Zone 2 “The Many Choices in Life”
Zone 2 “The Many Choices in Life”

Within a set time limit, participants play games related to moving forward in life. They tend to think they have plenty of time, but unexpected situations can happen.

Zone 3 “One-way Tunnel”
Zone 3 “One-way Tunnel”

Time does not stop for anyone. Life Journey is a one-way tunnel. In the tunnel, participants experience the rest of their 'lives' through a one-way tunnel.

Zone 4 “Rest in Peace”
Zone 4 “Rest in Peace”

Everyone has their own life, some will start early, while other will start later, but everyone ends at the same destination. Participants can reflect and search for their meaning of life while sitting in a compartment imitating coffin.

Debriefing (approx. 30 minutes)

A Life Educator will conduct a debriefing with the participants at the end of the journey by sharing their insights and life experiences. We aim to inspire participants to

  • Treasure time and care for people around them
  • Develop a positive perception towards ageing
  • Respect the elderly


LJC is the first of its kind in Asia that jointly designed by Poly U School of Design and game development professionals. It enables participants an opportunity to enrich the concept of meaning of life. LJC has received support of different sectors in the society and has received the following awards:

  • 2017 Environment Bureau (ENB) Charter on External Lighting - Platinum Award
  • Wofoo Asian Award for Advancing Family Well-being (3A Project) 2016 - Outstanding Award
  • Highly Commended Retail Interior, Asia Pacific Property Awards 2016-2017
  • 2015 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare
  • Best Digital Inclusion, Special Award for Most Innovative Service
  • The Hong Kong ICT Award 2015
    -Best Digital Inclusion, Bronze Award
    -Best Digital Inclusion, Special Award for Most Innovative Service
  • 2015 HKCSS Best Practice Awards in Social Service
  • Space Interior Category, Successful Design Award 2015
  • Winning Prize, Exhibition, Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards for Elite 2014/2015
  • Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014 – Best Lifestyle (Green, Healthy & Creative Living) Certificate of Merit