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Employees are one of the most valuable assets of a company. With appropriate trainings for employees, competitiveness of the company can be enhanced. Especially, the morale and productivities of the employees can be facilitated by effective staff management and discovery of their potentials. As a result, the efficacies of the company can be maximized, reaching a sustainable development. 

The Jockey Club Life Journey Centre provides a unique training that allows staff members to learn, to collaborate and to reflect themselves. Together with “Point of you” wrokshop, employees can contemplate their meanings of life and grasp the importance of time. Moreover, they can also have a better life-planning, treasuring their surrounding people and relationships. Once the employees fully understand their own potentials and face challenges and difficulties with a positive attitude, they may then create numerous possibilities in their career. 

  • Allow employees to gain better understanding of themselves
  • Encourage employees to overcome challenges with positive attitudes
  • Enhance their personal qualities and forward-looking life attitude effectively
  • Acknowledge the significance of time management
  • Facilitate the communication skills and teamwork among the team











In accordance with the aims of the training, the activity can be designed to best-fit the company. Please contact us for further discussions. 

Booking Hotline:
Telephone: 2952 1880

Participated Organization


Participants have positive change toward their life, career and daily lives after the experiential activities.

Affirm the career and life goal of myself
Treasure every opportunity
Treasure relationship with colleagues
More respect and appreciation for colleagues, regardless of age and background
Affirm the ability and experience of myself, and apply in workplace and life
Examine my weaknesses