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Everyone goes through birth, ageing, sickness and death. It is the process of life. Every elderly was young once and every younger ones will grow old one day. No matter which stages you are in life, there will be countless, unpredictable changes. It ain't an easy task to maintain a natural state of mind while striving through the challenges.

Life Journey provides an opportunity for the participants to reflect on their life, enhancing positive thoughts, treasure time and people around them as well as having positive, supportive attitude for our seniors, living a greatful life.



Public Tour will be hosted after the Chinese New Year, allowing everyone to have a chance to know themselves better as well as reflecting on their lives, setting new objectives and striving forward ! 

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If the time above is not suitable, please click the link below and fill in your contact details, our staff will contact you later shortly, arranging another tour.

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    4 Zones

Zone 1 “Are you ready for the Journey”

Participants will start the journey from birth and be asked to choose their life style.


Zone 2 “The Many Choices in Life”

Within a set time limit, participants play games related to moving forward in life. They tend to think they have plenty of time, but unexpected situations can happen.




Zone 3 “One-way Tunnel”

Time does not stop for anyone. Life Journey is a one-way tunnel. In the tunnel, participants experience the rest of their 'lives' through a one-way tunnel.


Zone 4 “Rest in Peace”

Everyone has their own life, some will start early, while other will start later, but everyone ends at the same destination. Participants can reflect and search for their meaning of life while sitting in a compartment imitating coffin.



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